Help When it's Wanted

(Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.) I have recently learned that not getting the help you need can be lethal. Many people advocate for their mentally ill loved ones. And, some of those mentally ill loved ones can’t get the help they need. Imagine having gotten the help, but somehow things changed, and you were no longer getting any assistance? This is a new one by me and I am frustrated as all get out! I’ve learned that it’s not just about getting people on meds, it’s helping them once they’re on meds to continue staying on them, because THE MEDS ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO THEM. In other words, you may want to take the meds, but due to issues out of your control, have difficulty getting them anymore. There are lots of reasons for this and I am so sick thinking about all the people who needed medication, but due to issues brought on by their illnesses, could no longer get them. Of course, this applies to ANY chronic condition. Someone please help me understand why we treat people like we do!