Let’s Talk Support Systems

(Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.) How good are you at practicing boundaries? And, how colorful is your support system? It’s heartbreaking, but I had to move away from the support of my family of origin. For me (and, for many people), family is not the be-all for support in the world. If family doesn’t understand, NAMI’s answer is to “show them the way,” except that some of our families are hardened, manipulative, and widely incapable of love! I do not expect people who can’t “love” to support me through one of my life’s most difficult situations. If they’re trying, sure. I’ll give them the benefit of every doubt! But, what do their own personal histories suggest? And, can we make it work in spite of any generational trauma? I mean, there are a number of ways in which families treat their own pretty badly. And, that’s a shame! If it’s abuse, then I’m out. There is help available to me if I need it (I.e. talk to a professional). Again, life is difficult (and, I don’t know anyone with all the answers), but I will tell you that life is difficult for “everyone!” Now add a serious mental illness in the mix and what do you get? Hopefully, some peace by the time you work through what you can work through, which may take quite a long time.