The Things that are Going Well for Me

(Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.) It’s so easy to focus on the negative, so I’m turning that around. Not forever, but for today! 1. My Current Hobbies: Getting on social media Hosting and producing my podcast Listening to music Playing with my dogs Posting on my blog Sitting outside Travel Visiting with friends Walking 3x per week Watching TV with my wife 2. My health diagnoses are schizoaffective disorder and obesity. And, I am working to improve the outcome of both of them. 3. All things considered, my relationships are going well. And, I am working on most of them. 4. I have a hard-won worldview that I adhere to, which is compatible with the things I know to be true and focuses on sharing and giving back. 5. I am constantly working on having better boundaries. 6. I feel that having animals and a partner is doing a lot for my mental health. 7. Most of them are not, but some of my symptoms are in remission. 8. All of the above and whatever I can do for self-care! There are many ways to reach me. My inbox is always open. I don’t know if I can help, but I’ll sure try.